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     I regularly hire Falconwood Cleaners for domestic cleaning. They're cheap and always do a terrific job. It makes sense to hire this company!
Andrew U19/05/2020
     My wife and I bought new furniture recently and decided to have the upholstery cleaned. We shopped around for services until we came across Falconwood Cleaning Services. They did a great job and were well under budget. Great work!
Mark Karlson20/09/2019
     I just don't have time for home cleaning. With their prices and the standard of their work, I don't feel bad about hiring Falconwood Cleaners regularly to take care of the job.
Nadia M.18/04/2019
     I just purchased a flat that needed a thorough clean before I could move in. I hired FalconwoodCarpetCleaners and I don't regret my decision in the slightest. The cleaning lady managed to make the place suitable for living in only a couple of hours. Excellent job!
Tyler Ross21/07/2016
     I inherited a rug from my mother after she passed away and I have always loved it. Over time though, it had started to become frayed, dirty and dusty. Wanting it to be restored without damaging it, I called up Falconwood Cleaners for help. Their cleaners came to my address and carefully wiped and washed my rug. Before long, it was restored and now I can enjoy it, knowing that they will help if it becomes dirty again.
Dean S.27/05/2015
     Having an extended family means that you are always busy and don't always get the time to do all your cleaning. In fact It becomes even more challenging when people come and go, and you have a gazillion dirty dishes to wash. Fortunately, hiring a cleaner from FalconwoodCarpetCleaning saved my life! I was able to get some time to myself and she did a fabulous job. I recommend these professionals, highly.
     I'd just like to say a huge thanks to the cleaning staff at FalconwoodCarpetCleaners. I was in a right panic trying to get my home into shape for a dinner party, but the staff here made everything incredibly easy with their house cleaning! The job was done really quickly and it was thoroughly cleaned to a professional standard. This is a very reliable and cheap service that I highly recommend!
     I can't thank FalconwoodCarpetCleaners enough or the help they have given me. Had been struggling to keep my house clean and the mess soon became too much. I felt embarrassed by the state of my home and wanted to clean it desperately. I though professionals home cleaners would help but I still felt uncomfortable about letting stranger see my mess of a home. This was unnecessary though because their team were fixedly and helpful, and they focused on making my home clean again.
Steven Harrison18/12/2014
     I cannot remember a time when my house was this clean. FalconwoodCarpetCleaners came in and have done a fantastic job with my spring cleaning and I cannot thank them enough. I had been putting this off for so long now that it just got too much for me to handle on my own, so I felt that I should simply hire in the experts and they could make sure that everything was done quickly and easily and that really was the case. When it comes to making sure that your house is clean, they'd be my first phone call.
Harold Walker04/06/2014
     Domestic chores really are the pain of my life. Having such a serious work load, I never manage to keep the place in good shape, despite working from home! I worry about the cleaner coming round, because my living room and office are always covered in papers which are essential, if not particularly well organized. However, I've been using FalconwoodCarpetCleaners and they have ensured that nothing gets misplace, whilst also cleaning around my mess in a way that leaves the place looking and feeling excellent. I could not really ask for more!
Eunice S.05/03/2014
     I'd never really been interested in hiring a cleaning company before. I'm one of those fussy people who'd rather clean the house on their own to make sure it's done properly, but when I became ill I found that I just didn't have the energy or willpower to pick up the vacuum. A friend told me to call FalconwoodCarpetCleaners and I'm so glad I did! I didn't think the cleaners would be able to meet my high standards, but they exceed them every single time! The cleaners are all really friendly and helpful and I couldn't be happier!
Anne D.20/01/2014

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